#junghoseok i’m an army since 1 year and 2 weeks and i got 10/10 why am i not even surprise lmao, I need to stalk more jks I just didn’t know Jin was in acting major wow I need to step up my game…, 10/10…i kinda guessed on the last one hehe…..I was like,” Woh. My dear BTS, you know i love you 2020-04-14T09:26:08Z Comment by BTR/BTS. Visiting their sites/anything related to them counts in Billboard. I’ve been an army for like two months cx, 9/10 became a fan last two weeks ago! i hope they will not be disband on BigHit Ent. I was sooo surprised. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); This game is for all BTS fans and kpop lovers, play this BTS quiz to see how well do you know BTS and how many Idols you really recognize. He first debuted in 2013 as the … oops, Ive been a fan for 2 months and got 9/10 im shooked, 8/10 only been an A.R.M.Y for a day (im kidding lmao im an army for 2 days) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09832867d8b1c4c3f1a431920b732fc10c5f7f7154f8149b466c78bb850c411f.gif, OMG, look the result! Take my quiz to find out. (I suffer from long-term and short-term memory loss), I think anyone can get this right, even if they joined the fandom last week this is too easy lolol. Damn. 1/10 Who was the first member of BTS? Not bad at all. BTS is a South Korean boy band who made their debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. 2020-04-11T14:22:30Z Comment by 김동주. . (Pick 5). Die erfolgreichste K-Popband der Welt und dazu besteht sie noch aus so lustigen Jungs, die auch noch gut aussehen! well done! Read RM, JK - I know (알아요) from the story BTS Lyrics by gmzbae with 6,807 reads. Wow. Sitemap I’ve got 10/10. What’s your result? i’m a jungkook stan but i know every one of them just as well <3 10/10 How well do you know BTS? In the end of the quiz you will learn how well do you know BTS. Gotta know more about them. Well you can test your knowledge with this short quiz. still amazed.. Only got into bts at the beggining of the year but got 10/10. 10/10. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; : LIKE IF V IS YOUR FAVS BTS IM PROPERTY OF V, Question 10 was easy if you knew that Jin got casted for his looks because he used to be an actor <3 u BTS 10/10, 9/10 I MISSED THE LAST QUESTION I STILL AM A.R.M.Y FRHGFRGVFGRFGFSJHJHSDFSFD, I am a true A.R.M.Y I got 10 out of 10 yeeeppppyy❤️❤️❤️. bangtansonyeondan, romanization, taehyung. Im not even an army but still got 9/10. Hardcore armys would absolutely obliterate it. Less than 3 months and i score a perfect 10/10 ^_^ I had been an army since 2013!!!!! anneyongh! 1’ve got 10/10/ It’s so easy! This is pretty darn long - 50 questions in all. The boys would be proud of you and so are we! jpop, junghoseok, bangtansoneyondan. i got 910 i just forgot the last one but i knew it started with a ‘j’ lmao, In War of Hormone, Rapmon only says you 3 times. Which member was the 1st official visual, also known as 'worldwide handsome'? completely not a waste of time watching all of their videos and following their updates for years. Why did I get them all right . i know it's hard because we all been there but still, i want to wish everyone a happy new year! But hey, I’m still a new ARMY. Suga, mentioned Jin’s Univ. #jungkook A true A.R.M.Y XD, @bhagirathiojha:disqus WOW IMPRESSIVE! For BTS ARMY, Jimin is their ever shining confident moon who inspires everyone to love themselves. Read I KNOW from the story BTS LYRICS by zekegourmet (SIMYOONGI ♛) with 6,304 reads. I got 9/10 on this one, but I got 10/10 on the Got7 one. Me:”Well, I’m A New A.R.M.Y So Maybe I Get 1 Or 2 Of This Question Wr-” Feel free to comment! #kimnamjoon @frejarrland:disqus #parkjimin i was surprise !!! I’m an A.R.M.Y for a year now. Not really bragging but 10/10 … trash here! I got 8 points. EVEN though I knew I AM, I didn’t know that I am an ARMY…! with romanization and english translations Unter BTS sang er bis jetzt drei Solotracks; der erste Solotrack war der Popsong Begin vom Album Wings aus dem Jahr 2016 in welchem er seine Geschichte erzählt, als er in Teenageralter alleine nach Seoul zog, um Idol zu werden und drückt seine Dankbarkeit gegenüber seinen Bandkollegen aus, dass sie während dieser Zeit für ihn da waren. 10/10 really I’m a true A.R.M.Y. How well do you know Jimin (BTS)? Hehe. Searched for BTS then fell on love with everyone! #jin Well done! 2020-03-13T23:03:52Z Comment by Neah … #jhope what happen to me?? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7cefdf0526b2a11eb24cdcff711bc18f81bef8b76e27d8f0ec125a9215545826.jpg M.Y, 10/10 ARMY of 8 months. wow I got 8 answers correct, I’m so proud of myself! While the group’s hegemony has been active for a handful of years, things really ramped up with the release of their 2019 EP Map of the Soul: Persona . Ok, that being said, i am happy to share with you yet another BTS quiz. surprising, when do i become a true Army? Omg!!! What’s your result? ❤️, 9 ourt of 10 but not even an army. 10/10 happy af….i thought i got one wrong but i’m happy cuz i’m.a true army we purple you, 9/10 Seems to be my norm for these quizzes. I won’t even say mys score xD. wow! I was expecting 10/10 considering how much I love these guys, i got 10/10 they were so easy lmao im jungshook. #kimtaehyung By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; lol. Which member is called "the golden maknae"? A.R.M.Y since August of 2016 got all of them right!!!!! Which members are considered "the maknae line"? been stanning them since mid 2015 oh my gosh, 9/10 and became an ARMY Nov 2016. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ead75f3fa473315d3673493e8d79e710e365826522a845065d08ebb79846fcfa.png, 10/10 OFC!! I KNOW (FESTA 2016) - JUNGKOOK & RM Songtext von BTS mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Songtexte.com Iiiiiiiiihhh yeeeeeees Hahahah omg I just love Them , wish my school gave quizzes like this…..10/10 easiest quiz i ever did, this was easy 10/10 Been an army for 2 years now , i’ve only been an army for a month and i got 10/10…. Got wrong answer on last question. There is a clip of Jin talking about how handsome he is when Taehyung responds with “why am i the visual then?”. Kpop Quizzes Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js";