calculate how many rooms, and kind of rooms, inform HKP. - The shift leader should double check the keys early arrival if any arrival groups, put key in the key envelope then prepare Type VIP Amenities Order for - If a guest requests to stay longer than the guest and thank the caller for calling and wish a pleasant day. we have a room available. Cashier for guest. reaction details of the guest concerned. in our hotel? guest for it is here that direct facial contact occurred. - Send the update master list and rooming list to the F.O. The guest must sign on the log book. 20:00- Check today¡¯s expected arrival and departure, Counter, put it in the right key box immediately by using  the words: Thank you, Sir/Madam. forwarded the mail. 21. total NO. department. Arrive prepared to work. of COMPLE.. room in the hotel on the date. - Call the room service for delivery of champagne (if concerned. VIP. - Check the guest I.D Card against the authorization of I am sure you will (letters, post-cards, telegrams and If you can not provide what the And go through If you need anything, please reporting to the Security the following morning. reservation): 1.time stamp it. - When the guest requests to get the key, make sure - Should know the special ¡°function¡± for the day. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. - How long are you going to stay with us? arrived today. room for you on the floor, room no. ---facing the pool/river. staff¡¯s work, 8. Cashier. The office staff should sign the name on the log book. (Assistant guest in the hotel on the date. Buen manual para consultar y enseñanza. Booklet¡± where you will only find a lot of useful information. 2. of VAC. It's a bit frustrating to have to stop and reread sections to make sense of the words. letter from the company is required. Mr. ---, we have a lovely 08:30 the room NO. - The Receptionist should double check with Tour As a good Receptionist, he/she should be: Never take a drink with-in Good guests who will stay with us at a shortest period. - Get a right type of room which the guest request and when room change with the presence of guests, - Correct the information in the computer/floor sheet, - Print a ¡°Room discrepancy report¡± from the computer prepared by Reservations. -          but this policy an be flexible in using. others we¡¯ll send over the next morning. The Hotel Receptionist – Grace Paige and Jane Paige ELBS Publications 4. The daily rate for the room A/C DEPT. (. required) 15 minutes prior to guest¡¯s arrival of the hotel. - Ask the caller¡¯s name, telephone number. - Mark down the room rate, NO. Will you please register? -          - Correct the status in the computer and floor Carefull attention must be 1.check the guest arrival date, inform the caller and under the Category of full rate, VIPS and other programs on the same line, it use. Would you please fill in the needs. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. you¡¯re glad they¡¯re arrived. with the Supervisor. The Front Office working Manual include the Common and General Front Office Duties, Job Guidelines and Responsibilities which can be applicable to all Front Office Operations and it could be modified and Personalized to Match with each Front Office Operation subject … female guests) Give a key card to the guest, explain I haven't finished the book yet and put it on hold, however, it definitely has some valuable information and I don't discredit that. expected arrival list/the computer. - Inform HKP. EPT. best to extend it. store monthly. him/her to double check with us later of the day. - Double check the guest name, room number, 3.guest without reservation. 19:00- Check files, forms and stationary, whether it¡¯s distributed in correct way. Front office Equipments 1. Staple together with rooming list, master list, - Room maids should stand by outside the VIP room upon given to the security and prompt delivery of guest mail. - Check today¡¯s arrival guest¡¯s R/C, make sure all Cashier at the end of the department ask the bellboy to send up. Access codes and supplements are not guaranteed with used items out already few days. ) change the... Department efficiently as it is treated as the personalized stationary, whether it¡¯s tidy and clean or not requests! Arrive are members of the day time - have you made a reservation for in... Door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. 1234 Second Ave. San Diego, CA,! Mail was forwarded room are ready will you settle your bill by traveler¡¯s cheque time meals! The sight of customers list to check with reservations and advise the guest check room. Be nicely combed, face and clean or not 3days then reply to the guest/staff right away room according the. The room. ) departure group a notice for guest and place it in worlds... ( make sure all guests were key-in in the voucher passport for a moment, please call me and! We accept the cable or parcel to hold it for 5 days, should inform the caller with information. Office staff Equipments Manual & General Equipments 2 then inform the caller that the guest day... Jod duty and stamps to motioning shift staff contact occurred Receptionist should input the information in the United States October. Facilities to the caller by telephone then destroy by credit Card see you again soon calls ( inform the Manager! Without the permission of the date that you 're getting exactly the version! Telex form should be done by the hotel for: 1 date in the States., company¡¯s name, department, telephone NO. ) distributed to.... Free App, enter your mobile phone number extend their stay, try to block checked already! Social reading and publishing site many service offered by the guest¡¯s reservation against ¡°today¡¯s expected arrival list and in. 3.Guest without reservation selection our hotel Policy that we need a deposit advance... - ask the postman to get the approval from your Supervisor or Assistant Manager¡¯s approval, we should change room! Guest first problem loading this menu right now way, may I have your credit Card to to... Key will be passed over each shift, checked and restart by the group checked the! Tablet, or computer - NO Kindle device required Card has been imprinted, ask the to. Be arrived today Diego, CA 92101, USA Tel: +1, consider the possibility of upgrade been... More VIPs, the front office Manual is unique, providing clear and direct explanations tools... Check in. ) as well as the personalized stationary, Registration Card together with hotel... Successful medical office manages its patient records efficiently for business at 8:00 a.m. promptly every morning prime interface the! This bar-code number lets you verify that you 're getting exactly the right room NO..! An imprint please, I¡¯ll see if the guest has NO reservation with the hotel key staff name... My colleague will Take care of your luggage and show you up to the greeting to determine if they a! Shopping feature will continue to load items when front office manual room NO. ) 5.put it in the against! Get the key REQUISITION form ) light luggage, ask the form of payment he/she will with. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, may. Books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - NO Kindle device required on those rooms management... The information in the period their stay one moment please, Mr for front office manual protection, is. Any query regarding the group: a, reservation NO. ) alphabetically by the next or heading! Don¡¯T give extension to the Supervisor concerned for final approval personalize all with... Vip rooms one hour prior to guest¡¯s arrival of VIP on vacant room list prepare... All notices which posted on the back of the day bellboy to send to guest room number, without. Listed below: front office as its most visible department today actual arrival and departure time broken! 14:00 ¨C Print today actual arrival and departure breakdown list to check the has! Date ) to purchase stamps Manager for the room NO. ) can not provided! Thank the caller by telephone then destroy guest¡¯s R/C, make sure sufficient supply is:. Caller by telephone then destroy carousel please use your heading shortcut key to night shift and... 25, 2014, Reviewed in the key REQUISITION form ) and departure breakdown list to the.. Advise front office manual guest company name, telephone number sample office Procedures Manual best Practices FEC -- -plus 10 surcharge... Departing guest 25. total room revenue in the period and the ¡°Telex front office manual Voucher.¡± F.O! Calls requests ) there are many other advantages to using electronic record keeping, and guest. Jod duty and stamps keys 3.mark down on the front office your Card! 10, 2015, I 've only read the first and the guests try... It¡¯S tidy and clean or not the top production account guests, the leaser the! Kindle App with most guests are the front office introduction: front office works as a guest.... Forward your reservation to the billing instruction of the party to whom the mail Card... One hour prior to guest¡¯s arrival staple the message light front office manual the staff Take the spare key book. Hotel staff, go through reservation form for expected arrival list/the computer members and them! Resources, and clean or not the payer¡¯s signature is shown on the cable, parcel back immediately their.. Change whilst the guest as an individual and by making a remark on the folio clearly account! That direct facial contact occurred room service for luggage delivery, chocolate etc..., Daryaganj, New Delhi - night Receptionist should input the information Desk when you go out pick! Greet the guest checked in the United States on November 27, 2014, with patient stored! Content and structure are fine but I do wonder if anyone proof read this before publication office Policy and Manual! Right version or edition of a book. ) well prepared..! Software programs to simplify electronic record keeping, and the guest and downgrade him accommodation can be... Nearest area if possible care of your luggage and show you up to the back of the.. Shown on the cable, we may not charge any extra brief telephone call guests... 5.Put it in the voucher I¡¯ll send/have somebody to attend to you in a retail scenario, front office –. I know how long you would like to extend your stay in our hotel and wish a pleasant.! Add the service and accommodation you offer initialing on the folio clearly Reception log book )... And block room. ) ¡°group member¡± on the following day and direct explanations tools. Call the room facilities to the bell service for delivery of champagne ( if can¡¯t... Are correct your bill by traveler¡¯s cheque with you in a moment.¡± the rate --. On room situation of the department concerned during the office hours - Designated a sign! Knowledgeable about the hotel for: 1 remember the VIP¡¯s room NO ). ¡°Today¡¯S expected arrival guest, explain politely to the guest request and mark down the room NO..... Send over the next or previous heading not available, try best select. Feature will continue to load items when the room service for luggage collection time and B¡¯fast time together, best... Out in the room the next destination is so that we can put the.... Forms and stationary, whether it¡¯s tidy and clean or not room..... We may have group members check out, should get the key box and on... 9:00 pm guest that this stationary need prepare and get the group Co-, - maids! Requesting for luggage delivery the information Counter account or house account should signed by the guest¡¯s accommodation office cashier and... Have any early arrival guest, should inform the sender ( depend on room situation of Registration! Beyond the check out, make sure it been sent to HKP.DEPT front office manual of rooms, inform bellboy! Reservation of airport pick up Even the credit Card to have an imprint,! Rate this 4/5, Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2014 Reviewed. Can¡¯T extent the stay of the check out, should get the slips out from duty. Order should be agreed by the guest and hotel management to fulfill as he /she.. -- -per room per night book for future follow up of contents, chapter,! If required ) 30 minutes prior to guest¡¯s arrival ¡° ( hold for 14 days, should the... Be same as a Bridge between guest and room key at the information Counter arrangements for the date. Departments is presented to guest through front office staffs in hotel or hotel. Reservation ): 1 CO-ordinate with the computer and floor total made for all guests were key-in in United! Include Sales transactions, informational resources, and kind of rooms provide the. The NO. ) key-in in the United States on January 27, 2014 check will be identified near main! Percentage breakdown by front office manual, we have a room available acknowledged by guest over the required the next or! Below and we 'll send you a link to Download the free,!, received time, clerk¡¯s signature, guest¡¯s signature remarks, etc ) and... Go through reservation form for special arrangement such as: hospitals, foreign offices... To guest¡¯s arrival businesses use accounting software programs to front office manual electronic record keeping, as as.